A ‘Single-Pane-of-Glass’ to Orchestrate and Manage Your Hybrid Cloud

Quickly and easily deploy and manage your Private, Public, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud, deliver IaaS, PaaS, Containers and Virtual Networks in zero-touch mode with full automation!

CloudController offers each tenant in a cloud a role-based true ‘Single-Pane-of-Glass’ secure interface controlled via a configurable dashboard with which all cloud management, monitoring and control functions are executed.

With a 6-layer supply chain, customization and billing, CloudController is the Cloud Management Platform able to deliver autonomous cloud services, from ordering to billing, saving your organization time and money.

With seamless scalability from small- and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, CloudController delivers tangible benefits, offering its users the flexibility to operate their IT infrastructure within a known, consistent operations framework.

3 Easy Steps Build Your Hybrid or Multi Cloud!

Register your On-Premise and Hyperscale Public Cloud Resources

Build your Managed Services Catalog(s)

Build your Supply Chain(s)

Experience CloudController Now!

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Data center owners can design and build a unified cloud-based managed services platform from heterogeneous infrastructure based on all market-leading hypervisors, with the ability to combine them with Hyperscale Public Cloud services.

They can automatically configure, order and deploy IaaS (server resource pools and virtual servers), PaaS, Containers and Virtual Network functionality in minutes. CloudController’s fully-automated encapsulated workflows and orchestration allow data center owners and Service Providers to greatly reduce their Total Cost of Ownership and Operations.