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InContinuum Software develops innovative end-to-end management technologies to enable organizations of all sizes in private and public cloud computing environments to automate and control the configuration, delivery and use of cloud-based managed services.

InContinuum’s cloud management platform – CloudController – is the ideal solution for organizations that need guaranteed performance, ultimate flexibility and scalability to utilize their IT resources as an automated managed service.

Innovative Technology

With CloudController

Get the Best Out of Your Cloud!

In 2001, we thought of an original software concept for managing and controlling IT infrastructure and their associated SLAs for service providers. At that time, the combination of telecom services and IT systems technologies demanded by the concept were not available. The broad emergence of IT infrastructure virtualization technologies combined with the convergence of affordable broadband telecom services and more affordable server/storage technologies made our concept for automation and control of managed services very feasible.

InContinuum Software was founded in 2006 by veterans in the large-scale systems integration and telecom services industries in the USA, Germany and the Netherlands. Our engineering and development teams have decades of experience in these segments.

In 2006, we took the concept back to the drawing board and prepared the initial programming specifications for CloudController so that both public (service provider) and private (enterprise) cloud environments could benefit from our vision. We began the programming effort in 2007, focused on the cloud wishes of both corporate enterprises and service providers.

At VMworld 2009 in San Francisco we released the first general available version, which was crowned as the “Best of VMworld” in the category ‘Cloud Computing Technologies’. It was the world’s first generally available independent Cloud Management Platform.

CloudController is now 2 generations further, very complete and still offers market-leading functionality.

logo_infotechInContinuum was recognized in 2014 by Info-Tech Research Group as a leader in the area of pure-play Cloud Management Platform vendors. In this cloud automation vendor landscape, an  independent market research, InContinuum was honored as an ‘Innovator’ and was awarded the “Trend Setter Award”.

This is a testament to InContinuum’s continued focus on providing the best cloud automation products to the market. CloudController has emerged from the sea of offerings in the market to be a market leader.

Our Vision

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a mode of computing where data center resources such as servers, virtualized applications, storage, data protection, disaster recovery, and network bandwidth, etc. are offered and delivered as a service over trusted networks. In the cloud computing model resources are virtualized, making use of them very flexible and dynamically scalable up or down to adjust to the needs of an organization.

The optimal way to utilize resources in a cloud computing infrastructure environment is as a managed service. In most cases end-users of these service(s) are application and/or database information owners in an organization. These ‘service users’ can be greatly assisted by consuming compute resources ‘as-needed’ from an automated cloud.

InContinuum Vision – Automate and Control the Cloud

Our vision for the cloud computing market is centered on simplifying the design and delivery of cloud-based managed services, thus reducing the Total Cost of Ownership & Operations. InContinuum Software strives to maximize the flexibility of our customers’ operational choices, providing the bridge between their back-office businesses processes and technology choices.

InContinuum Solution – CloudController

The CloudController application is a Cloud System Management Platform software that delivers tangible ROI to organizations by reducing the complexity of IT service delivery and operations. This end-to-end Enterprise Cloud Computing Management software, seamlessly integrates to existing Virtual Data Center infrastructure avoiding drastic changes to existing corporate policies and established best practice.

CloudController Hybrid Cloud Management

Cloud Computing Simplified!

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InContinuum Software is a privately held, privately financed Dutch limited liability corporation. We develop innovative end-to-end management technologies to enable organizations of all sizes in Private, Public and Hybrid cloud computing environments to automate and control delivery and use of cloud-based managed services.


Cloud-based managed services have entered the mainstream. We believe that the demand for these services will enjoy double-digit growth for the foreseeable future. This is supported by current market research. It is our vision to automate and control the design, deployment and use of these services to deliver tangible value to our customers. We welcome discussions with strategic investment partners who share our vision and can enable us to accelerate the proliferation of our solutions.

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