The Cloud Automation Engine

A “Single-Pane-of-Glass” to Manage Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

CloudController can quickly and easily deploy and manage your Private, Public, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud services, providing IaaS, PaaS, Containers and Virtual Networks in zero-touch mode with full automation!

CloudController offers each tenant in a cloud a role-based true ‘Single-Pane-of-Glass’ interface controlled via a configurable dashboard with which all cloud management, monitoring and control functions are executed. Our secure web-based interface fronts access to the dashboard, which can be placed either in the DMZ, or behind a corporate firewall, as required or dictated by corporate security policies. All communication to the CloudController Cloud Automation Engine back-end workflow service engine located either on-premise or in a Hyperscale Public Cloud uses dynamic proxy, protected by 256-bit AES encryption.

With seamless scalability from small- and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, CloudController delivers tangible benefits, offering its users the flexibility to operate their IT infrastructure within a known, consistent operations framework.

Instance Server

An innovative cloud computing automation and control management application built upon the CAE that creates, deploys and manages Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) to any cloud user. It is embedded in your cloud infrastructure and provides bundled IaaS with the core of the cloud automation engine as one complete product.

Application Marketplace

An innovative cloud-based application marketplace for open source software and middleware. The CCAM product facilitates management and control functions, allowing cloud users to create, deploy and manage tiers of an application to IaaS located on any on-premise hypervisor-managed resources or Hyperscale Public Cloud service. Further control via all market-leading Configuration Management tools give complete control to cloud users.

Platform Builder

A complete versatile cloud-based enterprise distribution development platform, which allows cloud users to simply and easily package, build and deploy server software platforms and DevOps environments for multiple distributions on any cloud VM or bare metal server resource managed by CCIS.

Container Service

An enterprise cloud management solution that builds and manages multiple Docker container back-end infrastructure environments and fully-automates the creation and deployment of containers anywhere in a hybrid cloud. Cloud users have complete control of their on-going container deployments via automatic execution of blueprints, or via a common API with which they can write and execute their own custom automation blueprints or Configuration Management scripts.

Features & Benefits


  • Flexible hands-free configuration and deployment of IaaS, PaaS, Containers, Application Tiers, Virtual Networks and Private VLANs in minutes
  • Consistent look-and-feel with a true ‘Single-Pane-of-Glass’ management dashboard for all cloud services
  • Manage, Monitor and Control multi-vendor virtualization environments as a private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud
  • Tight integration of Service Catalog Management, Supply Chain Management and Cloud Business Processes

Multi-Level Account Hierarchy

  • 6 levels of account type from Cloud Administrator to End-User
  • Create unlimited Supply Chains with multi-tier service distribution in Service Provider model
  • Create unlimited user logins per account with definable access permissions
  • Link user permissions to AD policies
  • Security flow-down with definable user roles per account and granular Rights Management for Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Customizable financial back office, contract lifecycle management , language and localization at each level

Ease of Implementation

  • Implementation via a standard installer
  • Non-intrusive add-on to existing infrastructure management software
  • Inputs and collects data from existing personnel, policies, practices and procedures


  • Non-Intrusive to existing data center management tooling
  • CloudController’s CAE can be clustered for business continuity of cloud services
  • Increased performance of IT operations via encapsulated workflows and orchestration
  • Automate IT and back-office operations practices and processes


  • Enable multiple layers of customers, each with unlimited rights-based logins
  • Rapid, automatic deployment or decommissioning of VM’s, Platforms, Containers, Application Tiers, Virtual Networks and Private VLANs
  • Seamlessly add capacity to your growing cloud
  • Grow or shrink server resources without disruption
  • Perform fully-automated application stack deployment, patches, upgrades or decommissioning for any PaaS

Management Control

  • Customizable Service Catalog item templates for any service object in your managed cloud
  • User administration and access of subordinate levels
  • Unique services price lists per account level and per Service Catalog item
  • Multi-tier White-labeled managed services

Extensive Customization at Account Level

  • Choice of 9 languages at User Login Level
  • Unique Service Catalog per Supply Chain or per User
  • Multiple Currencies per Supply Chain
  • Automatic FOREX and Currency Hedging
  • Multinational Time Zone Management
  • Extensive Billing & Payment Options (Public Cloud)
  • Flexible Chargeback & Showback Integration (Private Cloud)
  • Generate Custom Reports and Reporting with Standard Data Export Options
  • User Address Books
  • Worldwide VAT Rules Engine

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Achieve better utilization of on-premise infrastructure and Hyperscale Public Cloud accounts
  • Gain flexibility in which server hypervisors and public clouds to use
  • Bring VM sprawl under control
  • Fully-automated software deployments for cloud users
  • Drastically reduce network operations costs by Virtual Network auto-deployment
  • Part of a ‘Green’ IT strategy, reducing data center costs
  • Drastically reduces IT operations management costs


  • Enterprise (Private Cloud) with VM activation keys via standard EULA
  • Service Providers (Public/Hybrid Cloud) with use-based VM pricing
  • Automatic, self-service license purchase and deployment reduces administration costs

CloudController Architecture

  • The CloudController application is built from various software technologies such as Java, Ruby on Rails, Microsoft .NET with Microsoft SQL, LDAP / Active Directory and OpenStack Keystone for user authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO), Model–View–Controller (MVC) and ASP.NET for the front-end web portal, and HTML5.
  • The front-end has been divided into both user and administrative areas with six separate levels of role definition, access, security and operation.
  • CloudController interfaces to various on-premise resource platforms and hyperscale Public Cloud services at the API-level and provides a true ‘Single-Pane-of-Glass’ web-based user interface. With its own RESTful public API service, CloudController offers end-users the possibility to interface their own infrastructure management software and/or BSS/OSS to CloudController’s encapsulated automation and control workflows.
CloudController - a Cloud Automation Engine
  • Management Users can customize their access and usage of the cloud through CloudController with their own look-and-feel (white-label), service catalogs, network availability, reporting options, language, currency, time zone, server and data protection templates, price lists and security features.
  • CloudController benefits from a well-designed single data model that contains all relevant configuration data. It is thus the controlling database for the configuration, deployment and hands-free management of heterogeneous (multi-vendor) resource environments in any Public, Private, Hybrid or Multi-Cloud.
  • In addition, for IaaS, with CCIS, there is easy secure RDP access to VM’s running Microsoft Windows Server as the guest operating system, console access and individual access to hypervisor tools from each virtual server from within CloudController.