Vendor Landscape: Cloud Management Platforms 2014

Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace. Assessing vendors by the strength of their offering and their strategy for the enterprise, Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscapes pay tribute to the contribution of exceptional vendors in a particular category. Info-Tech’s Trend Setter Award is presented to the most original/inventive solution evaluated Those designated Innovators have demonstrated innovative product strengths that act as their competitive advantage in appealing to niche segments of the market.

InContinuum Wins 2014 Trend Setter Award!

Info-Tech Research Group selected InContinuum Software as the winner of its Cloud Management Platform Trend Setter Award and identified InContinuum Software as a Cloud Management Platform Market Innovator.  CloudController received excellent functionality scores.

This research will help you to:

  • Understand what’s new in the Cloud Management Platform market.
  • Evaluate prominent and trend-setting vendors and products against your enterprise needs.
  • Determine which products are most appropriate for particular use cases and scenarios.

”Trend Setter Awards are presented to those solutions, and only those solutions, that are deemed to include the most original/inventive product/service, or the most original/inventive feature/capability of a product/service. If no solution is deemed to be markedly or sufficiently original/inventive, either as a product/service on the whole or by feature/capability specifically, no Trend Setter Award is presented. Only one Trend Setter Award is available for each Vendor Landscape”
Trend Setter Award of Info-Tech Research Group