Cloud Brokering Facilities

As an Enterprise or a Service Provider running a hybrid Cloud, you need to unlock the potential of cloud services. Your cloud consumers deserve simplicity and efficiency!

Gartner Research defines three roles for Cloud Service Brokerage:

  • Aggregation – pulling together multiple cloud services to provide them to the end customer
  • Integration – of Public Cloud services and on-premises Cloud services
  • Customization – to meet the customer’s needs

With the ability to manage all market-leading server hypervisors and Hyperscale Public Cloud services, CloudController offers the ability to perform cloud brokerage across all hybrid resources available in a cloud. Service Users can quickly and easily choose the pre-configured IaaS and PaaS services they require from all those resources available in the CloudController-managed cloud based upon both technical and financial criteria. Criteria are used as filters that only present desired configurations. These are updated in real-time based upon the criteria values selected. Orders can then be placed with one click of the mouse.

  • Cloud Brokerage for IaaS and PaaS VMs over all registered hybrid resources.
  • Greatly simplified and shorter ordering and payment/chargeback processes
  • Cloud Administrator can pre-configure and only make desired configurations available.
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  • Users can easily filter IaaS and PaaS VM configurations based upon desired cost levels or configuration limits
  • Cloud users are alternatively offered to customize their configuration with desired items prior to ordering.