What CloudController brings to Enterprises

InContinuum has built CloudController from the ground-up to allow easy set-up of Cloud services with no proprietary interfaces. Its many features such as the ability to build and deploy any VM configuration, server platform, or container service for users in a few minutes, or the ability to automatically set-up and deploy complex Virtual Network functionality in no-time are very valuable to IT teams. InContinuum’s cloud management platform also allows easy integration of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  • Rapid provisioning and deployment of IT resources minimizes corporate overhead in both IT and business processes.
  • The ability to map roles in your operational organization to the multi-level user hierarchy in CloudController gives corporate customers the flexibility to access, control and operate the usage of IT resources.
  • Collection and export of cost and usage data assists Private Cloud customers in the chargeback and showback of IT resources to the cost center of the internal user consuming them.
  • Simple management and control by means of a familiar web browser-based interface assures little or no learning curve.