What CloudController brings Service Providers

InContinuum has built CloudController from the ground-up to allow easy set-up and exploitation of Cloud services with no proprietary interfaces. Its many features such as the ability to create unlimited Supply Chains with multi-tier service distribution (6 levels of user from Cloud Administrator to End-User), or the ability to customize the financial back office, contract lifecycle management, language and localization at each level are very valuable to Service Providers. InContinuum’s cloud management platform also allows full easy integration of Hybrid and Multi-cloud environments.

Cloud computing is defined as a mode of computing in which scalable elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered on-demand as a service from shared computer processing resources using Internet and other network technologies. Every day new companies look to Cloud Service Providers to offer Cloud services to their customers. CloudController allows them to easily and quickly build, deploy and administrate these services with little or no management burden.

  • Integrated back office functions enable B2B service providers to deliver cloud services simultaneously to multiple layers of customers.
  • By automating the complete managed services supply chain the Total Cost of Ownership is drastically reduced.
  • Fully-automated solution for hands-free configuration, administration, deployment and management of a managed services portfolio.
  • Multi-level user hierarchy allows service providers to set-up tiered distribution models.