Blowing Hard On A Trumpet Vs. Soft Flute MelodiesBossa Nova. The groovy, soft, and ear-pleasing music with beachy vibes. If you’ve ever been to a Brazilian beach bar, chances are you’ve heard Bossa Nova beats playing as the sun sets. While it’s a samba music style, it’s characterized by a different beat to traditional samba music, giving birth to a new wave of music, most prominently, Brazilian jazz.

In cloud innovation, smaller vendors are the ‘new wave’ – subtly creating the most advanced solutions in the background. Like the soft and delicate flute players deftly handling the immersive Bossa Nova melodies; they’re less showy, more flexible, and agile. But they have a tougher time convincing the establishment of their worth.

Why is that? Because major vendors often trumpet their cloud solutions the loudest, and consequently get noticed for doing so – even though they may not have the best available solutions for the job at hand.

New Wave Of Cloud Innovation

Major vendors often jump into new market segments, like cloud, waist-deep – seeing it as the new hottest thing. However, while they may say they have a cloud management platform, often they in fact offer what could be referred to as ‘marketingware’ (!).

One contributing factor is that many companies started marketing anything web or Internet-based as a “cloud-based solution” ten years ago. They continue to trade off on their name and influence; using these as a kind of branding exercise – with a rationale of trying to make it fit at any cost.

However, similar to the background flutes in Bossa Nova, the smaller, quieter players are doing the harder, more innovative technical work in new market segments. This steady stream of niche-focused market players are those with the real cloud creativity; looking for innovation in new areas.

The bigger vendors often DO have a great solution. Their horns might blow the loudest, and customers will therefore listen. But with their customers locked into their technology silo, often they can’t deliver the feature set or flexibility the market is asking for. Thus, with their rigid and set ways, their offerings can be limited.

True Flexibility

But what does this mean for those looking for a new Cloud Management Platform (CMP)?

A technology silo won’t deliver the goods when it comes to true hybrid cloud orchestration, so if you’re looking for a new CMP, broaden your horizons. The biggest and loudest companies aren’t always the best. Going with them, just because you’re familiar the name and their core [non-cloud] technology, can often lead to getting a product you don’t need. Instead, look for true flexibility – for a provider that’s truly cloud-agnostic.

In the fast-paced, innovative world we live in now – true innovation comes from the ground up: from startups and smaller businesses with the right technical experience and expertise. They might be new. They might seem unfamiliar. But listen closely to what they’re saying.

They just might be playing all of the right notes.

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